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What laws, what equipment?

New Legislation- 1st July 2016– Woodworking, Abrasive Blasting & Abrasive Wheels.


Regulation 30; Inspection of Work Equipment

An employer shall ensure that-
(b) in the case of work equipment which is exposed to conditions causing deterioration liable to result in a danger to safety or health–
(i) periodic inspections and, where appropriate, testing is carried out,
(ii) special inspections are carried out when exceptional circumstances arise which are liable to make the work equipment unsafe, including modification work, accidents, natural phenomena or prolonged inactivity, and
(iii) deterioration is detected and remedied in good time.

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Regulation 52; Examination and Testing of Lifting Equipment.

(1) An employer shall ensure that, without prejudice to Regulation 30,
(a) fixed work equipment for lifting loads, including rail mounted work equipment for lifting loads, is not taken into use for the first time unless–
(i) it has been tested and thoroughly examined by a competent person and
(ii) a certificate of test and examination specifying the safe working load and, if appropriate, the maximum numbers of persons permitted has been obtained
(3) Without prejudice to Regulation 30, an employer shall ensure that work equipment of a type or class listed in column 1 of Parts B or C of Schedule 1 is not used, unless it has been examined by a competent person at least once in the period specified in column 2 of Parts B or C of that Schedule or as required under the other circumstances described in Part C.

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