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elevator inspections

We provide Engineering/ Insurance Inspections & Examinations on;

  • Did you know…. we also work as sub-contractors to others Irish Inspection companies, so why not just come to us directly.
  • Passenger & Goods lifts
    All Passenger and Goods lifts require a statutory inspection every 6 months.
    (Read a ‘what can go wrong’ story – Irish Times Feb 7, 2014)
  • Escalators & Travelators
    Should as a duty of care, be examined with steps/ pallets out at least once in 12 months.
    (Read a ‘what can go wrong’ Story)
  • Garage Equipment
    Vehicle lifting tables require a statutory inspection every 12 months. 
    under Reg 52, column 1 of Parts B or C of Schedule 1(Read a ‘what can go wrong’ story)
  • Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
    Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) such as “cherrypickers” require a statutory 6 monthly inspection.
  • Cranes
    Mobile, Overhead, Gantry, lorryloader Cranes require a statutory 12 monthly inspection or 6 monthly if used for man lifting duties, Link
  • Plant Machinery
    Excavators, Backhoes rated for lifting duties, Loading Shovel and Telehandlers require a statutory inspection every 12 months. 
    (Read a ‘what can go wrong’ story – Irish Independent)
  • Tail-Lifts
    All tail-lifts (delivery vehicles) require a statutory inspection every 12 months , or if the operator travels on it, 6 months
  • Lifting Accessories & Tackle
    Wire rope hoists, Winches, Man baskets, Web slings, Chains, and Shackles, require statutory inspections every 6 months,  Link  (Read a ‘what can go wrong’ story – Irish Times)
  • Air Compressors
    In service Inspections carried out under S.I. No. 445/2012 – Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) (Amendment) Regulations 2012
  • Garage Compressors, Air Vessels and Air/oil Receivers. Under current regulations an inspection is required every 26 months.  (Air Compressor Accident)

Also Technical Consultancy Services available, we have carried out consultancy Services for Management Companies, Property Maintenance Companies and Professional/ Private Clients.

We recently carried out Lift Consultancy Services for a client, who had been advised to replace their lifts, Our survey saved this client €60,000.

We also carried out one-off technical inspections when service companies have not adequately addressed ‘problem’ Lifts and Escalators.

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