I own a lift and have a maintenance contract in place, do I need a Engineering Inspection too?

Yes. Maintenance and Engineering Inspection are completely separate requirements, you have a duty to keep your equipment maintained and a legal duty under the H&S laws to have it Inspected every 6 months.

A lift Service Company will not provide you with a Statutory Thorough Inspection, nor will an Inspection company provide maintenance services. Contact us for the best rates.

Link to Downloadable pdf Maintenance guide from LEIA

Link to Downloadable pdf Safety Guide from LEIA


I own a cafe/ restaurant, I have a a small goods only lift for foods and dishes, do these H&S Engineering Inspection requirements apply to me?

Yes. Regardless of use or goods, even if you use it once a year, all types of lifts must comply and have a Thorough Inspection every 6 months.


Do I have to use my insurance company for these Engineering Inspections?

No. There are many competent companies that can provide you with these Inspections outside of Insurance companies. In fact many refer to it as Insurance Inspections, but really it is Engineering Thorough Inspections. The inspection and report carry the same legal weight regardless of provider,(so long as been suitably competent) but remember there should independence and impartiality from any employee or similar companies you use.

I have a vehicle lift in my garage do I need an Engineering Inspection?

Yes. Vehicle lifts should be correctly called vehicle lifting tables, a vehicle lift is a wheelchair type lift seen on taxi’s etc.

They are required to be inspected every 12 months. Many garages have their lift installer / maintenance company offer this service, but beware as the requirement for independence and impartiality from an installation or maintenance company should be met.


I have a forklift truck to move a small few goods around the back of my shop,  I rarely use it…do I have to have a licence and an Engineering Inspection carried out?

Yes to both of these. Even if there is no danger to the public or if you use it once a year, you must comply.


I have an Excavator, I do mostly digging but I lift the odd pipe, what applies to me?

If you lift anything from 1000kg’s and above, you must comply with the Regulations.  This means fitting check valves, having a load test carried out every 4 years, or after major repairs or changes to the configuration of the machine. And most importantly a 12 month Inspection.


I have an Air Compressor, It’s mostly for tyres, what applies to me?

An air receiver shall be thoroughly cleaned and examined at least once in every period of twenty-six months.

Link to downloadable pdf of Pressure Systems Regulations